Saturday, September 22, 2012

From Passion to Profit in 8 steps!

Since August 2005, I've delivered workshops to help people find their "ideal career."

This ideal career journey is basically a self-development journey where people learn to create value from their passion. That's the only way to go from PASSION TO PROFIT.

But what is difficult is that people don't have a clear map or step-by-step process.

Indeed, nobody can go from passion to profit in ONE step (or leap).

So I thought a great deal about this, and created the following 8 steps.

These steps or phases are mutually exclusive and comprehensively exhaustive (MECE), a rigorous technique used by none other that world-famous consulting firm McKinsey.

"Mutually exclusive" means that if you're in ONE phase, you cannot possibly be in another phase.

And "comprehensively exhaustive" here means this process covers ALL the possibilities so that all 6.7 billion people can use this process.

For example, you can mentally apply this process to your friends and family. You will find that they ALL fit in one of the 8 phases.

So without further ado, here are the 8 phases that people go through, from their passion to (unlimited) profits. 

It's important to know WHERE you are (and have someone validate that THAT is really where you are), and then learn WHAT to do to move to the next phase.

In other words, always ask yourself:

1. Where am I?
2. How do I know this?
3. What should I do next?

Please note that the following phases apply to the unemployed, the employee, the freelancer, and the entrepreneur or business owner.

Deny the magic and miracle of their being; too rational and restrictive in their philosophy of Life. They are losing big. Regrets and tears ahead.

Who can help: Nobody can help them until they show up at a learning event (keynote, workshop, seminar)


Believe they have a passion and that a career based on passion IS possible.

Who can help: Encouragement from friends and family.


Exploring Life in order to discover their passion.

Who can help: Associations, clubs, schools.


Know what their passion is, but RESIST doing it. They are blocking their own desire.

Who can help: Vibrational coaches and teachers. Workshop leaders.

Note: "vibrational" is a fancy term for "belief-oriented." So coaches here can be spiritual advisors or emotional techniques seminar leaders helping people morph or modify their current beliefs. Remember, beliefs create realities. We first BELIEVE and then we SEE results/realities.


Started doing their passion every day, consistently, out of unconditional self-love.

Basically, if you have a hobby that you indulge in weekly, then you belong here.

Who can help: Trainers, coaches, consultants.


Are making some money from their passion-based activities. Product/prototype experimental.

Examples: Many women have started baking cookies or cakes or any kind of food, and have begun selling to friends, family, acquaintances.

The goal here is NOT to make a profit, but to ascertain the extent to which people (preferrably a homogeneous and well defined mraket) actually WANT your product (and also if you can produce it cost effectively).

Often, we can find them on Etsy or other such sites selling small artworks and crafts.

For example, I'm earning some revenues from my calligraphy courses, but I don't think I'm doing it cost effectively. I'd need to partner with the Visual Arts Centre or Dawson College's arts department to efficiently deliver calligraphy workshops to groups of 20 people every week.

Who can help: Innovation consultants/trainers.


Are breaking even (no profit, no loss). Are attracting /serving clients one at a time. No targeting of whole market.

I teach a teleseminar called Marketing Arithmetics and it's designed to help entrepreneurs figure out at which point they break even (this b/e point can be calculated even BEFORE you launch your business, and it works for both services-based businesses and product-based businesses).

The "breakers" are indeed experiencing a breakthrough, for it is not easy to calculate all your costs (both fixed and variable) and predict and then achieve profits.

Once you make a profit, then lenders and investors, including friends and family, are more likely to be interested in injecting capital into your business.

Please note that the main difference between "earners" and "breakers" is that the former can turn out GROSS profit, but after they take into account their fixed costs, they cannot turn out a NET profit. In fact, they incur a financial loss.

"Breakers" incur neither loss nor gain although, of course, they usually lose a little bit or make a small profit.

But the profit is not significant enough or consistent enough or reliable enough to put them in the next category of "profiters."

Who can help: Marketing/business consultants.


Are making a profit from their passion-based activities. Usually freelancers and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Who can help: Scale-up business consultants, investors, venture capitalists, venture talentists.


Are making more and more profits for the foreseeable future through robust and reliable business structure.

Newsweek magazine conducted studies and discovered that statistically speaking, if you own a small business, you have a one chance in 1,000 of becoming a millionaire.

Of course, in your case, it could be 1 in 100, or 1 in 2,000. It all depends on whether your BUSINESS STRUCTURE is learning fast and you create COMPOUNDING VALUE over time.

Who can help: Infoproduct consultants, instructional design specialists.

So there you have it, the 8 steps from passion to profit!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

FREE teleseminar to build your startup business!

I've been teaching the Business Model Workout (BMW) workshop since May 2006 and I thought it was time to release it for FREE to the world as a teleseminar!

Details here:

Please download the seminar slides at the site above and you will see the 15 absolutely necessary steps required to build your startup business.

This foundation will MAXIMIZE your chances of success in business.

Even if you are an employee right now, you will benefit from learning about the powerful and practical BMW framework I created. That's because it will help you to think like a business person, and employers always appreciate business-savvy employees.

I look forward to "see" you at the next BMW teleseminar!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Generate passive income from an ebook

Here's an idea that some of you might benefit from, if you think about it seriously.

It's about selling an ebook online to generate passive income.

This ebook can be written by you or by another person who's an author.

You just have to buy the resale rights from the author, and then you offer that ebook to people online.

Because you have the resale rights, you pocket 100% of the profits.

This is the idea behind, a 540-page ebook I wrote in January 2011 and recently decided to give away the resale rights with every purchase.

Unlike the traditional publishing model where the wholesaler and publisher get most of the markups, leaving the author with only 5% in royalties, this "resale rights" publishing model rewards buyers who resell the ebook.

This might sound strange at first, because it's like as if you went to Chapters bookstore, bought a $30 business book (say, from strategy guru Gary Hamel or Tom Peters), and then you go to a service bureau to make 100 copies of the book which you sell online and pocket all the profits!

This is forbidden by law, of course, because only the author has the right to commercialize his work.

But in the case of my ebook Systematic Wealth Creation, I actually authorize buyers to resell the ebook and pocket all the profits!

Now, why would I do that? Have I gone insane?


But I don't think so. The more people who buy the ebook and resell it, the more my reputation will spread, thus bringing me new clients (I work as a business consultant to small business owners and launching entrepreneurs).

More importantly, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that my business knowledge is being shared with hundreds of thousands of people.

What will make this resale rights publishing model work, is the nature of Linkedin and Facebook, as well as other social media.

It's a place where people connect to hundreds, if not thousands of other people.

So if you have, for example, 1,000 connections on Linkedin, you could resell my ebook to them for $30 (the suggested price is $97).

If 400 of them buy, you'd have generated $12,000 in revenues.

Keep in mind that when they buy this ebook from you, they also get the Resale Rights, meaning that they too can turn around and resell the ebook to people and pocket 100% of the profits.

In short, they're not just buying an EBOOK, they're buying a BUSINESS ASSET from which they generate revenues.

Since they get the Resale Rights for life, they could be making hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a few years.

Because of those reasons, you will find it rather easy to sell them the ebook.

Check out the ebook for yourself at and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free 300-page ebook on Systematic Wealth for you



I will explain later on the site above that there is a CRITICAL reason why I used diagrams extensively in this book.

It's to impress on your neural network (in your brain) certain KEY distinctions that will enable you to think BETTER than most people, who are trapped in the employee mentality.

You see, most books are written in prose (that is, only text) and thus, readers don't retain what they've learned.

As a result, they don't change anything in their lives.

Most people read tons of non-fiction books, yet can't change anything in their lives.

The Systematic Wealth Creation product line I'm creating, is more training-oriented and will enable you to acquire REAL skills for systematically building your wealth in this life.

More to come!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Live in the world, work in Cyberworld

When you go out with friends, you're usually going to a real restaurant or movie theatre or amusement park etc.

Because of this, most people naturally assume that "work" should also occur in the "real" world and not in cyberspace.

This is why people (automatically) assume that a job is a place you go to (e.g. a building or cubicle).

More and more, however, people will not "go to work."

Work will come to them! (No matter where they are on this planet).

In other words, people will still live in the physical world (and have a social life in the physical world), but they will work in CYBERSPACE.

In particular, people whose jobs are knowledge-intensive.

Broadly speaking, there will be 3 kinds of workers:

PROLETARIAT - Manual workers or workers doing mostly physical tasks (in a manufacturing plant, in retail stores, etc.)
PRODUCERS - Knowledge workers working in offices; white-collar workers like professionals, managers, etc.
PROGRAMMERS - Elite workers who don't "work" but create "labots" that work for them (labot = robotized labor)

You're probably thinking that I drank too much coffee today and the last type of worker doesn't exist yet. :)

Yet, by visiting, you'll see that "brain building" is already an industry.

The basic thing to know about PROGRAMMERS is that they code. They don't work.

They then sell their source code and finished programmed products to the world.

This is how smart people will make a fortune in the Cyber Economy.

You might know the following "programmers": Rich Schefren, Katie Freiling, Eben Pagan, etc. They are known as Internet marketers, but one can also consider them to be "programmers" who program the Web to capture people's attention and then convert that attention into INTEREST, DESIRE AND FINALLY ACTION.

That's how you get rich: you convert attention into interest, then into desire, and finally into action (i.e. a purchase).

Notice that all of this is happening in the MIND of people.

So the Cyber Economy is, practically speaking, the "mental economy."

This means programmers are elite workers who program people's minds. More often than not, people cannot escape from those programs, which is why their lives are repetitive, not creative.

Facebook, TV news and advertisements, magazines, newspapers, etc. are various forms of programmings from which most people cannot escape.

The ONLY way to escape from such programmings, is to become a programmer yourself.

(to be continued)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Autoseminars -- The next big thing?

Since the summer of 2010, I've been studying and playing with a programming language in order to create an "autoseminar."

As the word implies, this is a seminar that runs "automatically."

In the above Youtube link, you can see how it works.

Before I explain further, I must say that you can benefit GREATLY from learning about how to program (and it's quite easy, will tell you more about it) because information technology is a POWERFUL way to LEVERAGE your expertise, assets, career, experience, business, etc.

In other words, you can only choose between LABOR and LEVERAGE.

Most people are "labor", that is, they work for a living. Nothing wrong with that.

I worked hard in my 20s for Fortune 500 companies and learned everything I could from them.

But most people eventually realize that you can't get LEVERAGE when you're LABOR.

Leverage simply means "doing a little to accomplish a lot."

Employees (that is, "labor") experience the opposite: they do a lot but cannot accomplish as much.

In fact, in today's competitive economy, employers will force employees to work harder and harder -- all for the same pay.

No wonder that I read in the news yesterday that according to a survey by Mercer Consulting, half of employees (in Canada) are "disengaged" from their work. They are actually looking for job opportunities elsewhere.

Since capitalism is a global phenomenon, I assume the same proportion of people are dissatisfied from their work in other countries like the US or Europe.

Yet, looking for another job is not the solution since chances are, the new employer will apply the same pressure. It's not that bosses are evil or malevolent, it's just that under the rules of capitalism, BUSINESS OWNERS MUST EXPLOIT LABOR.

That is the only way to continually increase profits (which is what business owners and shareholders want).

If you're an employee, you want to shift from being "labor" to creating "leverage."

I understood this since June 2000, when I quit corporate Canada for good (I was 31 years old).

So during the following 10 years, I searched for ways to create LEVERAGE in order to ensure my economic survival.

I thought of talent (my own and other people's talent), knowledge, skills, etc.

But ultimately, in 2010, I discovered -- in large part thanks to Ray Kurzweil's ideas about exponential growth through information technology -- that artificial intelligence and expert systems and computer programming are THE ultimate leverage.

It is no accident that 7 out of the 10 biggest firms in the US are related to software: Oracle, Microsoft, etc.

Now, to get back to the Youtube video above, what I wanted to show you was that I used a simple scripting language to create an executable file.

Then, as you can see in the video, I opened that file (named "bmwseminar$20.exe").

Next, as if by magic, a stream of text, strategically timed, appears on the computer screen.

Notice that this streaming text is NOT like a page of static text: because the text is flowing continuously, you are driven to read fast and not read in a leisurely, idle manner.

This executable file is called an "autoseminar" because the seminar runs automatically on the client's computer screen.

This file is literally a product I created, which can be sold or given away. It took me one day to write it.

More details about the principles behind the BMW seminar can be found at

What do I wonder whether "autoseminars" are the next big thing?

That's because the New Economy will be extremely competitive, and training/education will be products very much in demand.

So your ability to create or resell (other people's training products) will be key to your success.

Don't worry at all if you don't know how to program, I will teach you. It's quite simple, I learned in a few days.

Once you know how to program, you can create executable files of increasing sophistication and be able to sell them for up to $500 or even more (on sites like

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do your passion (I can die in peace now)

If I had to summarize the nearly 1,000 posts written so far on this blog, it would be "Do your passion!"

In the above video, that's what I tried to explain.

The principle is that "passion is ALWAYS sustainable," financially and in other ways such as resources, people, encounters, luck, etc.

This is what I've been telling all my clients and workshop participants in the last 6 years since I co-founded Talentelle with my sister Zoonie: Do what excites you!

People often have a hard time believing that they can just DO WHAT THEY LOVE TO DO and be paid for it.

That's because they (unconsciously?) define "work" as "doing something you'd rather not do, so you get paid."

The NEW work is all about "doing what you LOVE to do and get paid good money for it."

If you disagree with the above statement and you believe that "work" is something you MUST do (in order to pay the bills, the mortgage, support your family, etc.), then THAT is precisely the experience you will have (till you retire at age 65).

But you will have that experience BECAUSE that is how you define things, how you hold certain beliefs.

Change your beliefs and your experience WILL change!

I did change my beliefs and my whole experience has shifted, so that now I do exactly what I love to do every day and get paid good money for it.

Things were not always like this since, as you might expect, I had doubts about "doing what I love to do and get paid good money."

So if you have doubts -- that is, you don't believe that you can do what you LOVE to do and get paid for it -- I totally understand you.

I've been there, I know what it feels like.

Now that I'm on "the other side" and have absolutely NO DOUBT about doing what I love and getting paid good money for it, I can help people who still have doubts.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you suddenly quit your daytime job and forget about your financial obligations!

But I am suggesting that you start to do more often the things you LOVE to do.

The more you do things you LOVE to do, the more love you will feel for yourself. That is true wealth: to love oneself.

As you FEEL this wealth inside of you, you will naturally and effortlessly attract wealth opportunities into your life.

Here, a word of caution: opportunities WILL come to you but they will usually not have the label "opportunity" on them! So you gotta pay attention to what's coming to you!

Yes, I mean opportunities to make more money WHILE doing what you love to do.

The trick, and this is REALLY important, is always do what excites you.

So for example, at any moment of the day, you will have certain options available to you (about what you CAN do). Of all those options available, CHOOSE the option that feels most exciting to you.

Keep doing this as a matter of reflex, and it WILL lead you to your passion-based career.

This method has worked wonders for me, so that's why I'm recommending it to you.

For instance, in the last few weeks, I have suddenly become a Camtasia expert, creating and producing tons of training videos while also developing my expertise as a strategic AI specialist (I create executable software applications that will be sold worldwide).

These apps are not like Excel or Word, which do nothing for people.

These AI-based apps actually contain expert systems and artificial intelligence (including inference engines, which I'll explain in a future post) that DO something concrete for the user.

These apps will generate six-figure incomes not just for me, but for my affiliates and resellers as well -- of that, I'm pretty convinced.

All of this just because I "followed my passion."

The other "path" is to do what you think you're supposed to do. That is, repeat your daily routine more or less like what you've done yesterday.

If that works for you, keep doing that.

But I suspect that more and more people are awakening to the fact that today, they can do much more than what they used to do.

However, this insanely great life is reserved for people who follow their heart and who don't think too much.

As a society, we are overly rational, overly logical. We rarely listen to our hearts.

Our lives simply cannot change significantly and become better significantly unless we start listening to our hearts and start acting out of joy and passion and creativity.

A very powerful spiritual principle states that life is nothing but the mirror of your choices, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations.

So if you want your life to change for the better, you must choose AGAIN. Choose with your heart and your whole life will change.

It's taken me a couple of years to understand this, but now I fully understand it (I guess I'm a slow learner!).

But it doesn't have to take you so long. As you practice this habit of doing what excites you, it WILL lead you to your ideal career -- one based on your passion and natural talent.

And like me, you will discover how easy, natural and effortless the process is! You just have to let go of your logical mind and let Life guide you.

As Oprah said in her last show, "Embrace the life that has been calling you and use your life to serve the world."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Transcendent Man + Share and become rich

If you wish to know what the future will look like, I highly recommend watching the Transcendent Man, an hour-long documentary on the life and ideas of futurist and inventor Raymond Kurzweil.

Kurzweil basically argues, in his book The Singularity, that as soon as 2029, technology and artificial intelligence will be so fast and sophisticated that it will "fold on itself" and dramatically accelerate its own development.

Bill Gates himself acknowledges that Kurzweil is the best at predicting technological trends, so it would be rather unwise to dismiss his ideas as being too farfetched.

From my own experience, having delved into artificial intelligence research since last summer (2010) and various technologies like video capture and editing (using Camtasia in particular), I tend to believe Kurzweil.

What does this mean for you, practically speaking?

How is Kurzweil related to success?

Well, no matter how you define "success" and in what areas you wish experience more success, one thing is for sure: you can benefit greatly by learning to use technology STRATEGICALLY.

Technology is, in the end, only an amplifier; an accelerator; a multiplier.

It must have something to amplify, accelerate, or multiply.

So if you concentrate your efforts, energies, ideas, abilities, strengths, etc. and create VALUE, then technology (which, as Kurzweil correctly mentions, will grow EXPONENTIALLY) will amplify, accelerate and multiply your VALUE.

Yes, this means you can become very rich very fast.

This is not something historically new: Henry Ford took a while to become rich through the automobile industry, Bill Gates took less time, Jeff Bezos (Amazon) took even less time, and pretty soon, smart teenagers can become super-rich by floating a new product or app via Facebook or similar social media.

Teenagers or young people in their 20s will be more fluent in the usage of cutting-edge technologies, thus they will only have to create some value (product or service) and be able to market it, technologically, to millions of people.

I say "market" but perhaps that word is no longer accurate. "Sharing" one's products (and of course giving away the early versions for free -- this is called beta testing) is a better term.

The current issue of Harvard Business Review has an interesting article on how making your product "shareable" (by inserting a Share button) will multiply marketing effectiveness by 400%!

This is incredible when you think about it, because business has traditionally been about "exploitation." A business owner exploits the labor (the services that workers provide) in order to maximize profits.

In the New Economy (which, again, will be run by and through continually evolving technologies and AI, as Kurweil points out), it is by SHARING that you will become rich.

Think about this for a minute.

It means that the more of a caring and generous person you are, the faster you will achieve financial freedom and wealth.

(to be continued)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Obliquity, by John Kay

Achieving success is what we all want. But are we going about it in the right way?

And what is the "right way", anyway?

In his book, Obliquity, John Kay explains that often, one can achieve one's goals by being INDIRECT.

The author argues that often the most profitable firms are not profit-driven; the happiest people do not (directly) seek "happiness" but engage in "flowful" activities (which totally absorb their mind).

Note: He refers to "flow," a body of work pioneered by Mihalyi and summarized succinctly in his book, Flow - the psychology of optimal experience. (It's the best book I ever read about DESIGNING fulfilling activities that lead to happiness in life. I've used the book to design experiences that totally engage my mind. This total loss of oneself in a flowful activity, enables a person to turn her passion into a talent. After 5-10 years, they become the best in their field.

That is, they have a talent that can now be turned into a career or a business.

Often, people have a passion but do not know how to design the environment (physical, psychological, social, material) that will drive them to "flowfully" develop this passion further and further. Thus, the passion fails to become a talent, and the talent fails to become a fulfilling career or small business.

The process I created to capture this all-important imperative of "following one's bliss", as famed mythologist Joseph Campbell put it, has four phases:

- Fear
- Freedom
- Flow
- Fortune

From the above, I tend to agree with Kay's premise, that our goals in life (or visions, dreams, objectives, no matter what we call the objects of desire that we aim for) can be best achieved INDIRECTLY.

So first, a person must acknowledge she is afraid. She feels, consciously or not, the fear of deviating from societal norms and even norms set by parents, consciously or not.

Then, she can be free to explore; free to be herself TRULY and AUTHENTICALLY.

Next, she learns how to design environments where she can experience "flow", almost by default.

For example, at home I have notebooks and pens everywhere, including calligraphy pens, so this deliberately designed environment enables me to practice the writer's craft (and my calligraphy) often. Every day, in fact.

Finally, and this is the easy part, she creates a FORTUNE for herself, having diligently gone through the previous phases.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Eat pill, get rich

I just saw this movie yesterday, Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper and it just blew my mind!

The story is pretty interesting: a struggling writer is introduced to a "magic" pill that supposedly will enable him to use parts of his brain that he normally doesn't use.

This results in his being not only ultra-rational and lucid, but extremely creative and physically powerful in life-threatening situations.

The idea of a magic pill might be difficult to swallow (pardon the pun), but the logic behind how the process of cerebral enhancement is not farfetched: the person is pharmaceutically induced to become hyper-activated, neurologically speaking, and thus can access memories stored in the brain.

He's also able to "connect the dots" very fast, giving him the necessary background information to reach correct conclusions and make all the right decisions.

This magic pill enables our hero, Eddie Morra, to learn the finance game and turn $12,000 into $2.3M in 10 days!

Obviously, that part was highly interesting to me as I position myself as a wealth creation innovator.

I'm looking for ideas and technologies that can help people to create more wealth more effortlessly.

This movie gave me tons of ideas on how people can use their brain, as well as publicly available information in order to create value, products, services, wealth, etc.

The real-life person who comes closest to this ideal of being able to think extremely fast while making accurate judgments, is billionaire Charlie Munger, who often talked about his "secret": he continually creates new mental models and links them in what he calls a "lattice of mental models" which enables him to conjecture, think, conclude and validate his hypotheses, assumptions, and reasoning.

In the end, whether such a magic pill exists or not, and whether it can be invented one day, is not as relevant as the hope that it provides to viewers. The hope that we CAN become smarter every day, if only we spent some time to think consciously, and even think about how we think so we can correct ourselves all the time.

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Eat pill, get rich

I just saw this movie yesterday, Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper and it just blew my mind!

The story is pretty interesting: a struggling writer is introduced to a "magic" pill that supposedly will enable him to use parts of his brain that he normally doesn't use.

This results in his being not only ultra-rational and lucid, but extremely creative and physically powerful in life-threatening situations.

The idea of a magic pill might be difficult to swallow (pardon the pun), but the logic behind how the process of cerebral enhancement is not farfetched: the person is pharmaceutically induced to become hyper-activated, neurologically speaking, and thus can access memories stored in the brain.

He's also able to "connect the dots" very fast, giving him the necessary background information to reach correct conclusions and make all the right decisions.

This magic pill enables our hero, Eddie Morra, to learn the finance game and turn $12,000 into $2.3M in 10 days!

Obviously, that part was highly interesting to me as I position myself as a wealth creation innovator.

I'm looking for ideas and technologies that can help people to create more wealth more effortlessly.

This movie game me tons of ideas on how people can use their brain, as well as publicly available information in order to create value, products, services, wealth, etc.

The real-life person who comes closest to this ideal of being able to think extremely fast while making accurate judgments, is billionaire Charlie Munger, who often talked about his "secret": he continually creates new mental models and links them in what he calls a "lattice of mental models" which enables him to conjecture, think, conclude and validate his hypotheses, assumptions, and reasoning.

In the end, whether such a magic pill exists or not, and whether it can be invented one day, is not as relevant as the hope that it provides to viewers. The hope that we CAN become smarter every day, if only we spent some time to think consciously, and even think about how we think so we can correct ourselves all the time.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Success secrets ebook FREE for you!

Friends, thank you for being a loyal susbcriber all these years! (Since 2004)

You're motivated me to share my success secrets in "real-time", as the blog name implies.

In sharing my and others' success secrets, I was able to build a blog of nearly 1,000 posts.

This blog now is ready to become an ebook as well as a home study program and an employee self-improvement manual, all sold worldwide.

To thank you, I thought I'd give you the ebook ($97) for free once it's finalized.

Just drop me a line at and mention "Free RSS ebook please" and I'll send you the ebook once finalized.

You can also connect to my business account at Facebook at (I'm a consultant helping people to connect to their true self, or "soul", where their true treasure (and financial wealth!) lies).

If I've met you personally as a client, a collaborator or during an ecstatic and mutually consented one-night stand (just kidding), feel free to connect to my personal Facebook account at

In the next post, I'll write about how you can create an on-demand blog, which is pretty cool for generating leads, making friends, building a network of trusted collaborators, etc. while involving your readers in the knowledge development process.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

8 ways to make credible promises

In the last episode, I talked about how you can WIN in life by creating ASSURANCES and not PROMISES (which are difficult to believe, especially by new clients, employers or even... lovers!).

So succeed in life, in your career, in your business or even in your love life, depends on your ability to create assurances, that is, mechanisms that show to the other party that it will be VERY difficult for you to NOT keep your promise.

From my research, here are the 8 ways to make your promises credible, that is, to create ASSURANCES:
  1. Small steps
  2. Reputation
  3. Contracts
  4. Mandated agents
  5. Cutting off bridges
  6. Irreversible communications
  7. Brinkmanship
  8. Teamwork
Take #3, or contracts.

It can be very legal, or a simple agreement (in writing) between two people.

Let's say, for instance, that you're a smoker and you promise to your wife that you will stop smoking within a year.

Your (smart) wife is a subscriber to this (great) blog so she asks you, "Are you really serious about quitting cigarettes?"

You say YES.

Then, she writes up a one-page agreement which you will sign, and this agreement says that if you do not stop smoking within a year, you agree to donate $5,000 to a charity of your choice.

Of course, how this thing unfolds depends on the kind of relationship between you and your wife.

But my point is that a simple verbal promise is not enough: it doesn't really reassure the other person, nor does it compel or motivate you to keep your promise.

It is too easy, after one year has passed, for a person to say, "Well, I tried to stop smoking. I'll try again for another year."

Now, I know it is NOT easy for a person to stop smoking. So I empathize with those who try to stop, and I admire their courage for deciding to stop.

So you can take another example, like a boss promising to an employee that within 9 months, she will get a salary increase.

This female employee, also a smart woman who subscribes to my blog (LOL!), asks her boss to put down in writing that he will increase her salary by __ % within 9 months.

Not that this contract or agreement is legally binding, but it sure will motivate her boss to do his very best to keep his word.

I will talk more about the other 7 ways to create assurances, but my point is simply that to succeed in this world, you need to keep your word AND you need to trust that others will keep their word.

Good intentions are not enough; these 8 ways of creating credible promises (or assurances) will help you to keep your word and will motivate others, psychologically, to do their best to keep their word.

Please share this post with your friends if you found it useful. Share the love, share the wealth!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

To succeed, create assurances, not promises

Success in life depends on "assurances" not "promises." (Both promises you make and promises that other people make to you).

An assurance, is a promise that has been programmed, in some way, to result in its fulfillment.

A promise, on the other hand, is just a promise; it's just a verbal statement of what you intend to do. You might, for various reasons, change your mind later on (in which case the other person loses, and you also lose your credibility).

So how do you create ASSURANCES rather than PROMISES?

The secret is to focus on PLEASURE and PAIN.

In other words, make sure that if you keep your promise (to your friends, family, clients, etc.), you will gain something valuable, and also that if you fail on your promise, you will SUFFER something significant.

For example, the two young founders of intiially "promised" to Dragon investors that within 24 months, they'd generate 10 million dollars in revenues (or a similar amount, I don't remember exactly).

The investors' reaction was, understandably, one of disbelief. They even thought these two kids were a bit arrogant.

But then came the punch line from the two entrepreneurs: "If we don't deliver on that promise, we both will give you our share of the business."

In other words, they would lose the business they founded if they did not deliver on the promise!

This time, the investors were very impressed! Ah, they thought, they're putting their money where their mouth is!

So guess what? They got their investment from some of those investors!

You can check out, they're successful.

Now, in your case, you might not be an entrepreneur seeking capital. You might be a job seeker or an entrepreneur seeking joint venture partners.

Regardless, this principle will still serve you well.

In other words, create assurances, not promises. Nobody believes in a promise, and those who do are not serious about the deal they are getting into.

Notice, by the way, that an assurance is not the opposite of a promise; it includes yet transcends the promise.

A promise is like an atom, an assurance then is the molecule: it includes yet transcends the atom.

A promise is like a body part (like your right hand) while an assurance is the entire body; it has more power.

In the end, when you look at success and how it happens, it usually depends on other people collaborating with you or buying from you or partnering with you.

Yet, they (the smart and rich ones) won't deal with you if you only offer promises. You've got to be creative and create assurances where, if you fail to deliver, you are penalized, but also you are rewarded if you perform.

Your clients and partners, therefore, know that you are likely to keep your promises.

In a future post, I will talk about 8 secret methods for making your promises credible, that is, promises that will be instantly believed by other people.

Friday, May 20, 2011

How to use the "hypnotic" writing technique

As promised in my last post, here's how I used the "hypnotic" writing technique to write an audiobook of 60 minutes, titled The Wimp and the Millionaire (you can read more about it in Joe Vitale's book, Hypnotic Marketing, although this post is informative enough for you to begin practicing that technique).

In fact, today, I wrote a 40-minute audiobook titled A Million Dollars in Your House. I'll share that audiobook with you later on.

As usual, this audiobook was completely spontaneous: I was preparing my coffee at 9 AM when that sentence, "a million dollars in your house", suddenly "came up" in my little head. I have NO CLUE where it came from, I guess it's some sort of inspiration.

Anyways, back to the making of The Wimp and the Millionaire.

I simply turned on my Audacity application (which you can download for free at and began to speak into my microphone.

The session went something like this:

"Okay, today I'm going to talk about an audiobook titled, The Wimp and the Millionaire. This book is about how each man has, within himself, BOTH a wimp aspect and a millionaire aspect.

Here, a reader might ask, "Oh, it's like Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad!"

Yes, I would answer, but in his case, it's about two EXTERNAL sources of influences: his Dad who was an educator and the Dad of his best friend, who was a multimillionaire entrepreneur.

This book is more about the INTERNAL entities within EACH man, without exception. So there's the wimpish entity, driven by fear, and the rich, abundant or "millionaire" entity driven by joy, love, service, creativity, etc.

So above is basically how the first few minutes went. Completely unscripted, pure spontaneous creativity flowing out of my mouth.

The technique is basically about how to just have a conversation, a very normal conversation with your readers. Of course, since you're likely to have MANY types of readers, any question can come from any of those readers.

For example, a reader of The Wimp and the Millionaire could be a free agent, another could be an entrepreneur, a third could be an employee, etc.

Here, you might say, "That's great, Peter, but I'm not an author or an expert. My goal is not to write a book."

True. But please remember that this is JUST a conversation that you're having with "imaginary" readers (however, to ground your questions in practical reality, imagine that your readers asking questions are people that you actually know -- your clients, boss, coworkers, family, friends, etc.).

So this conversation is an easy, fun way for you to make explicit what it is that you know, and what your experience has been.

The power of this technique is that it keeps you CONNECTED to the reader at all times, so you never lose his attention. Thus, he won't likely put down your book (or anything else you write, for that matter, whether it's a blog, a website, a report, etc.).

Today, with Facebook and Linkedin (which went public yesterday), we talk often about "connections" and "connectivity" but real, deep lasting "connection" only comes when you master the art of conversation (writing is just conversation, but on paper).

Here's a real-life example of how a job seeker was able to use this "hypnotic" technique to land a job.

She was interviewed by a manager, and he seemed preoccupied, like something else was on his mind. She was also a bit nervous as she felt she didn't have all the experience and credentials required.

So she told him frankly, "Sir, look, I know I'm probably not at the top of your list, but I can see that you could use a good employee who's willing to work hard. I can back you up any time you need me. I can help organize this office and even do overtime and work smart so you don't feel overloaded."

Obviously, he was impressed by her genuine offer of help, so he hired her on the spot.

You see, that is the power of connection.

And you can use that power when you write, when you apply for a job, when you sell, etc.

You just have to know (or predict as best you can) how the other person is THINKING and especially what she is FEELING.

Having 500 friends on Facebook or 1,000 connections on Linkedin will not help if you're not interested in getting to know the other person well enough to PREDICT her reaction to what you are saying or writing.

"Hypnotic writing technique" sounds fancy yet it's just about BEING INTERESTED in the other person's point of view, as well as her life, her struggles, her issues, etc.

Dale Carnegie talked extensively about this in his book How to win friends and influence people. He wrote, "To be interesting, be interested."

As you write (a blog, a book, etc.), be interested in your readers' lives, what they are going through which you can help them with.

Here, you might ask, "Why would I write a book or record an audiobook?"

Because it's the EASIEST way to create a product in 60 minutes or less! :)

Your next question might be, "Why would I want to create a product?"

Because the Internet exists to sell your product so you can generate passive income from it, and eventually achieve financial freedom. That is, you will no longer have to work for a living. You will only do work that you LOVE to do (in fact, it's more like play and not work!).

More in my next post.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I created an audiobook in 60 minutes!

As I promised my brother, I'll share here something I did yesterday that will generate quite a bit of passive income.

It's a secret technique which I'll call NITRO, for Neural Inference Tension for Recurring Optimization.

I hope that this acronym sounds sophisticated enough to impress you. LOL!

Anyways, in exactly 60 minutes, I created an audiobook of... 60 minutes. This audiobook is titled The Wimp and the Millionaire, a sure best-seller.

The basic premise is that inside every man, there is a wimp and a millionaire -- so ladies, make sure you forward this post to your boyfriends, husbands, or any important male in your life! :)

The wimp is fear-driven while the millionaire is joy-inspired.

Again, no man should feel defensive because ALL men have BOTH the wimp and the millionaire inside of them.

So this audiobook explores the various issues that, if resolved, will enable men to think, feel, act and behave more like millionaires.

The main point of this post is that I woke up at 6 AM yesterday and had this insight of "mindlessly" writing (or recording, rather) a book in 60 minutes.

I intuitively created the NITRO approach, which is not entirely new. Many millionaire copywriters and Internet marketers are already using a form or a version of that technique.

NITRO basically enables you, as a writer, to create a threat of arousal so as to sustain both your writing the book and the customer reading the book.

What's the best analogy for this? Okay, it's like you're a belly-dancer. So you know all the sensual moves that will sustain male attention. And you continually MAKE those moves.

I hope this is not a sexist analogy cuz I respect women. :)

So the idea behind NITRO is that AS you write (or record your voice for an audiobook), you ALSO maintain an awareness of what and how the typical reader is thinking IN RESPONSE to your sentences and words.

In short, you can accurately predict what the reader is thinking so that you can EASILY write the next sentence. This is why I say that with NITRO, a book will write itself. You just have to write a provocative sentence, and let the rest flow smoothly from that first sentence.

This is probably how Isaac Asimov was able to write 300 books in his life. No, that's not a typo! 300 books! (both fiction and non-fiction).

He didn't use a word processor or computer, but the good old electric typewriter.

My point is that you can write an ebook or record an audiobook like I did yesterday, by simply using Audacity (a free sound editing application available at

In the next post, I'll give you a sample of my last audiobook, The Wimp and the Millionaire, so you see how the NITRO technique works.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free newsletter to help your IDEAL career!

More and more people are awakening to the fact that they are the CREATOR of their reality, and that they CAN create their own PERFECT career.

So I thought I'd release this powerful newsletter free of charge to all people, to help them in their pursuit of this ideal career.

Check it out here!

By the way, I'm writing and publishing that monthly newsletter just for fun! The more free stuff I give away, the more powerful I feel! It's really, really strange.

You can also download my 500-page ebook, Systematic Wealth Creaion, for free here:

One last thing (or piece of advice) just in case I get hit by the proverbial truck tomorrow:

The secret to wealth is to give to others, consistently. Doesn't matter how much you give, only that you give sincerely for their own good and that you do so consistently.

I just can't believe how many great ideas and projects come my way, just because I started implementing that idea of giving consistently.

It's like I'm playing a Jedi mind trick to the Universe. The Universe is going, 'Wait a minute, this Peter guy keeps on giving value to more and more people! What the, he must be really wealthy! Alright, then, we'll have to arrange his life circumstances to REFLECT his limitless wealth."

Friends, THAT is how it works! The Universe is just a reflection of what we believe about ourselves, and about each topic (ex. health, family, love, friendship, career, etc.) in our lives -- these topics being only an aspect of ourselves.

So a person might say, "I totally believe I am wealthy" yet Law of Attraction won't work because the Universe just doesn't believe it till it sees you ACTING like as if you were REALLY wealthy.

This is crazy, it's like as if you had to perform, like an actor, the role of a millionaire or rich person in order to really become rich!

You have to deliver an Oscar-winning performance in order to get the life you want!

In short, you have to ACT it out before you can have the reality you want.

I'll write more on this later.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Make money with a FREE business ebook

As I explained in a previous post, 2011 is the year I'm giving my wealth away to people. I have been so blessed in life, so this "giving back" is quite normal.

Here's what it means:

I'm giving you a $97 ebook that you can resell to others (at any price you want) and you can pocket 100% of the profits.

You can view this ebook here:

To receive this resellable $97 ebook in PDF format, please send me an email at with "Free ebook please" in the subject heading.

This offer expires in 72 hours, so please hurry!

To your financial success!

Peter Nguyen
Strategic consultant & business trainer

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Amazing secret for wealth, health and peace

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

Friends, I can hardly contain my excitement as I just stepped out of Indigo Bookstore and quickly read Joe Vitale's latest book, Zero Limits.

There's a chapter in there (on the Shocking Truth About Intentions) that contains a MAJOR -- and I mean, MAJOR!! -- insight on how to create the perfect life for yourself AND for others.

I really encourage you to get the book.

Here's briefly what Dr Vitale discovered about "intentions":

There's Inspiration first, which happens at the subconscious level, and then we decide or not to FOLLOW that inspiration or idea or impulse.

The ego or rational intellect or physical mind is probably making the conscious decision whether or not to FOLLOW the idea, inspiration or intuition.

Rhonda Byrne, producer of the movie The Secret, for instance admitted she received the idea and, in 10 minutes, created the famous trailer.

She COULD have decided, upon receiving the idea, to not do it. Her ego or physical mind might have rationalized, "Oh, boy, that's just too crazy, it will never work! I don't even know HOW it could possibly work!"

Yet, tons of doors opened once she ACTED on her inspiration.

This happened to me particularly this summer, when I launched my new career in artificial intelligence. I ACTED on every idea I had, and I just can't believe the number of great and PROFITABLE ideas that are flowing into my little head!

At this pace, I have to hire hundreds of people to help me execute these ideas (and there's profit-sharing for everyone!).

Anyways, get a copy of Dr Vitale's book, it is BEYOND the Law of Attraction (although that's a great law of manifestation).

It's more like the Law of Divine Will, and once you align with it, you naturally do what is BEST for all human beings. Then, automatically, you are also doing what is BEST for yourself -- for you are an integral part of the whole.

Let me know your thoughts after you read the book!

I will write more on this subject later on.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get the B.O.S.S. for FREE!


Just a quick note to invite you to save $1,200 by being among the 50 lucky ones to subscribe to my latest venture online: the Business Operating System for Success (B.O.S.S.).

About 20 people have joined already, and hundreds are about to read their emails, so be quick! :)

Whether you're an employee, a free agent (self-employed), an entrepreneur or a professional investor, you need B.O.S.S. in order to get rich.

Newsweek magazine did a study a while back and found that if you own a small business, you have a 1 in 1,000 chance of becoming a millionaire (having a net worth of $1,000,000).

BOSS will help you to dramatically REDUCE these odds to perhaps 1 in 100, or 1 in 20.

How? BOSS acts like a chess computer to guide your moves, so you don't have to think so much. The BOSS system thinks for you! It makes it easy for you to do the right thing(s), and difficult for you to do the wrong thing(s).

Anyways, check it out at

Monday, August 09, 2010

Success attracts success!

Here's an easy way to attract success: focus on what you're currently doing that feels successful to you.

In other words, choose to do activities where you feel competent and successful. Then, pause once in a while and FEEL how amazing it is -- this feeling of being successful at something.

What is important is NOT the activity per se, or how "important" it is. For example, you could be cooking a favorite dish, or doing a hobby.

What IS important is that you FEEL successful.

In short, the secret is that success attracts success.

How do you apply this principle to solve a problem in life?

For example, suppose you're deep in debt (many people are, so don't worry about it).

Normally, most people would -- upon examining that topic of personal debt -- immediately feel BAD. They feel they have FAILED. They feel they LET THEMSELVES DOWN. They feel they lacked control in the past, or lacked discipline.

Can you see how the above BAD FEELINGS, cannot lead to success?

Only success leads to (or attracts) success.

You might say, "Well, Peter, how can I NOT feel bad about my personal debt? Isn't personal debt (say, you owe $20,000 in student loan or other loans) a bad thing?"

No, it's not. It is a fact, a neutral situation. It only becomes a "bad thing" if you assign a NEGATIVE MEANING to it.

Don't believe me? Think about Donald Trump's situation during the real estate crash, where he owed 2 billion dollars in debt. All his multimillionaire friends were panicking, losing their sleep and even begging the bankers to give them a chance.

Trump, for his part, slept quite well and never had to beg. He simply and calmly negotiated with bankers while encouraging his team to clearly see the future, the amazing future that he described in great detail for them.

Trump understands that he is more powerful than anything that happens to him. Most people who have achieved enormous success -- and become teachers to many -- have similarly understood that they are more powerful than anything that happens to them.

They understand that nothing is negative in itself. An event or fact becomes negative ONLY IF you assign a negative meaning to it.

So, getting back to our person debt example, yes of course acknowledge how much debt you owe, and write it on your balance sheet (beside your assets column).

But do NOT get emotionally down because of your debt.

Think of the money game as a video game.

Sure, people who have zero debt, start the game with a score of "0." You might start the game with a negative score of "-20,000" but you KNOW you can get back to zero, and then start having a positive score.

So WHERE you start playing the money game, is not that important.

In fact, if you start with a negative score (ie. you're deep into debt), then your glory will be all the greater once you come back and get your "financial revenge"!

My point is simply that one should never, ever feel bad about anything.

Yes, acknowledge INTELLECTUALLY where you are (whether it's your finance, weight, health, social life, love life, family life, career, etc.) but do NOT feel bad about any of it.

Feeling bad about being in a bad situation, WILL make things WORSE. It will attract MORE evidence that matches your feeling bad.

Even in a bad situation, there is a "fruit" that you can pick -- a lesson that you can learn.

Your job is not to "get out" of the bad situation but "get into it" deeper until you see the fruit or the lesson that's in there for you!

The fruit or the lesson WILL bring you out of the bad situation!!

Think of it this way: a bad situation is like cold syrup, a full glass of it. It might taste bad, but you MUST drink ALL of it in order to get the full benefit.

Now, I'm not saying that upon looking at your liabilities or debt, you should jump up and down with joy! You can't do that authentically, anyways. You know you'd be faking joy.

You would probably feel bad or guilty, but accept those feelings. Feel them fully, yet do not get attached to those emotions.

How can I explain this paradox, where you should FEEL the negative emotions yet NOT get attached to them?

Okay, I got it. Imagine that you're an actor, and you play out your role fully and FEEL all the emotions attached to the character. Yet, at the same time, you KNOW deep inside that you're an actor. You are NOT the character who is struggling with personal debt.

Friends, that is the true power of spirituality: it's the ability to remove yourself from the "stage of life" and embrace your identity as the witness, and not just the actor playing a role in life.

The character you are playing, might feel down and depressed because he has personal debt problems, but there IS an aspect of you that is also the detached observer or witness, and this entity CAN feel success.

So to FEEL successful even in the midst of a crisis or personal problem, you must practice the art of DETACHING yourself from your drama.

As you emotionally detach yourself from your drama, you gain a powerful, new and higher vantage point from which you can easily see many perspectives that make you feel successful.

And as you FEEL successful and acknowledge your courage and positive qualities, you will effortlessly attract situations, opportunties, resources, etc. that will REFLECT your state of feeling and being successful.

In short, success attracts success.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Make money by packaging Youtube videos into a DVD

A columnist suggested that a person could create DVDs containing free applications (e.g. Audacity, Freemind, etc.) and sell those DVDs worldwide.

I thought it was a pretty good idea. Easy and simple.

I would go further: you could use to download Youtube videos onto your desktop or laptop, burn them into a DVD, and sell those DVDs worldwide also.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Create wealth by REUSING what you already have and are

Here's a success secret that not too many people know. You'll see shortly why Einstein was totally right when he said that imagination is more important than intelligence.

Here's the secret principle for creating massive wealth:

Reuse what you already have and are.

When people seek wealth leading, of course, to financiall freedom (if your annual passive income surpasses the cost of sustaining your favorite lifestyle), they usually focus on acquiring MORE.

More assets, more clients, more products, more markets, etc.

Nothing wrong with that, except that it's arithmetic, not geometric.

Arithmetic, means 2 + 3 +4, etc.

Geometric, means 2 X 3 X 4!

Arithmetic gives you a score of 9, while geometric gives you 24.

Each number can refer to the value of each asset you have. So "2" could refer to the value of your cell phone, "3" could refer to the value of your laptop, etc.

So 2 + 3, means you're putting your cell phone beside your laptop. Together, they have -- on a balance sheet -- a combined value of 5.

2 X 3, however, means you use your cell phone IN CONJUNCTION with your laptop, so as to reuse both in a second way.

Reusing ANY asset in a DIFFERENT way, will AUTOMATICALLY increase its value (no matter what your accountant will say, since he focuses on the book value of an asset and NOT on its "use value").

This is why Swiss knives are so popular: you can use them for SO MANY DIFFERENT PURPOSES.

Okay, here's an example of how you might be using your cell phone IN CONJUNCTION with your laptop.

Your laptop is connected to the Web, and on your cell phone, you have a client. So you walk him through an online PowerPoint presentation that you've uploaded on Google Docs.

Your cell phone is used WITH your laptop, to create value (educational value in this case).

Specifically, your client gets audio and visual.

In such a case, your cell phone has a HIGHER value, and so does your laptop.

This HIGHER value is added on top of the initial value of a cell phone (talking) and the initial value of a laptop (working alone).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify all your current assets and devise ways to use them DIFFERENTLY, either by themselves or in conjunction with other assets.

Notice that this geometric method of increasing your value, does NOT require that you spend cash on acquiring NEW assets (equipment, client list, prospect list, furniture, etc.).

However, it does require imagination. You must imagine what MORE your current assets CAN do for you (or for your client).

It requires right-brain thinking. It requires that you "unfocus" temporarily from what you THINK an object is designed to do, and then you give that object a NEW function or usage.

A rather extreme example of how a person has used his imagination to create massive wealth, is Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist.

He used the Internet in a DIFFERENT way, to enable millions of people to anonymously do transactions with millions of other people.

Today, 50 million users use Craigslist every month.

My point is that wealth comes from your imaginative reuse of existing assets.

In the next post, I'll talk about how I use Audacity (a free sound editing software application) in conjunction with Windows Movie Maker (also free) to create instructional videos I upload at

Notice that, once again, these apps by themselves don't offer as much value as when you use them TOGETHER.

It is by making assets work TOGETHER in capitalistic fashion, that you create massive wealth.